Trade Finance Advisors

TFA SA was created in response to the financial and operating limits of the international banking sector following the financial crisis of 2008, especially with regard to SMEs. Even today, the banking sector is facing difficulties and constraints in persistent mode and provide valuable tools for financing to exporters operating in an increasingly global and competitive market granting to its customers, which usually operates to countries in developing and / or emerging countries, deferred payments conditions over several years asking them to guarantee their payments through the issuance of debt securities in the form of notes and / or documentary credit. TFA SA, therefore, through its strategic partners, offers a valuable and important service is both discounting
and collecting fields. TFA is able to shorten the time of collection of the receivables by the 
exporters, allowing the latter to optimize its cash requirements, and eliminate the
commercial and financial risk that financial institutions are not willing to cover. 
In its operations TFA does not replace the banking world but supports it creating and
exploiting synergies and value with it for the benefit of customers.